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Tri V Product Guide

Welcome to Tri V Pet Foods

Over the past 45 Years, I have seen many changes in the pet food marketplace. Today's consumer is far more demanding and the industry has responded accordingly, offering a vast and varied selection of products from which the consumer may choose.

Once dominated by a very few large companies, the pet food market is now divided between literally dozens of versatile and aggressive manufacturers, all offering a multitude of quality competitive lines.

We at Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. have always strived to be at the forefront of this rapidly changing forum. Unique and exciting new products coupled with the rich eye catching packaging are just two of the reasons that Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. remains as Western Canada's sole surviving canned pet food manufacturer.

We are a Company dedicated to providing the highest of quality at competitive prices. This commitment has served us well since our inception and I am confident that it will serve us equally well in the future.

Cliff Jones - President

Featured Products

Lean Cuts Lamb and Rice 400g Lean Cuts Lamb and Rice 400g Lean Cuts Beef -Chicken-Rice Lean Cuts Beef -Chicken-Rice