Natural & Safe Tick Repellent

Natural & Safe Tick Repellent

Living on the West Coast of Canada, we are noticing more and more ticks in our wooded and grassy areas. With ticks come the risk of parasites, lyme disease, Babesiosis, & Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Not only are humans at risk, but also our four-legged companions.

There are various methods to ward these little burrowing critters, such as DEET and various products on the market.

Of course, different methods work for different people and their pets.

One natural and safe method is Rose Geranium essential oil that can be used for both humans and pets. Dabbing some on your pet, between their shoulder blades and on their tail.

This is a great method to have a peace & mind while your enjoying the vast out-doors this amazing country has to offer.



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5th year student with The Canadian School of Osteopathic Manual Practice in Vancouver.


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