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Tri V Variety Blend – 30% Off


This is our special variety blend, and it’s at a discounted rate – while supplies last! If you would like to know the particular flavours, please contact us.




May contain beef, chicken, salmon, soy flour, wheat flour, veg gums, mineral vitamin blend, water sufficient for processing.

Additional information

Weight 10.43 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26.5 × 14 cm
Feeding Guidelines

Feed at room temperature. Refrigerate any unused portion. Serve with fresh water. Puppy: Feed several times daily (4 times)-feed as much as puppy will eat

Feeding Guidelines 680g


Pet WeightCanned OnlyCanned with Kibbles
Up to 12 lbs1/2 can1/3 can + 1/2 cup
12-25 lbs1 can1/2 can + 3/4 cup
25-50 lbs1 3/4 cans3/4 can + 1 cup
50-70 lbs2 1/2 cans1 can + 2 cups
70-90 lbs2 3/4 cans1 1/2 cans + 2 cups

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