Quality Pet Foods You Can Trust

Tri V uses only nourishing, wholesome ingredients from controlled environments.

Our carefully inspected ingredients do not include any rendered products.

Manufactured in British Columbia

Proudly 100% canadian. Canadian ingredients.

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Healthy nutrition

The History of Tri V Pet Foods

The history of the pet food industry within the Jones family reaches back, at the inception of Rover Strongheart Pet Food company. Clifford has carried down that legacy with the establishment of Tri V Pet Foods. Clifford has passed the torch onto Mike Clark.


12 pack

  • Lean Cuts Products are available in 12 pack/680 grams & 24 pack/400 grams
  • Tri V Products are available in 12 pack/709 grams

24 pack

Our Lean Cuts Products are available in 24/400grams and 12 /680grams sizes and Tri V Products available in 12/709grams

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