Quality Pet Foods You Can Trust

Tri V uses only nourishing, wholesome ingredients from controlled environments.

Our carefully inspected ingredients do not include any rendered products.

Manufactured in British Columbia

Proudly 100% canadian. Canadian ingredients.

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Healthy nutrition

The History of Tri V Pet Foods

The Rover Strongheart Company was founded in 1942 by John Jones, and with the help of his son Clifford together they formed Tri V Pet Foods in the early 1970’s. Tri V Pet Foods is now owned by Mike Clark.


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12 pack

  • Tri V line is a maintenance food and economical way to obtain complete nutrition which contains fresh meat and cereals. It comes in a case of 12/ 709g and available in 5 different flavors.
  • Lean Cuts line contains fresh meat and some have carrots and rice, it is available is 5 different flavors and comes in 2 sizes, Cases of 12 / 680g and 24 /400g.

24 pack

Our Lean Cuts Products are available in 24/400grams and 12 /680grams sizes and Tri V Products available in 12/709grams

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